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Default Re: Arlen Specter = proven idiot

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
are you suggesting a republican controlled congress or presidency wouldnt be doing the EXACT same thing?

the saudi prince's investments in citifinancial MUST be protected. he's our buddy. (just ask our last 2 republicain presidents).

i know bowing to a saudi on camera may look bad, but have no idea how sucking them off in the bathroom (off camera) can be seen as "less worse".
I'm sorry, go back and look at how many Republicans agreed to the stimulus package.

As for your last line, that's the best you got? Some made up stunt? It's obvious that you have because that's the only "intelligent" argument you seem to be able to resort to.

I suppose that the Saudi Prince stopped being our buddy for the 8 years that Clinton was in office? Or do you ignore that long period of time in between the last two republicans?
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