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Default Re: Enter Quietly.......

Originally Posted by T.Richardson View Post
Whaaa? a Cubs fan? How could you be a Cubs fan, they are the Pirates division rival! Are you like a Dave Littlefield clone?
I have no idea who Dave Littlefield is or was, nor do I care, so that statement means zilch to me.

Fact is, I was a HUGE Pirates/baseball fan as a kid. If I wasn't playing the game (catcher), then I was watching it on TV. I watched every game I could when they were on. If they were away and it wasn't being aired, then I was listening to it on my 'transistor' radio.

I lved attending games with my dad and siblings. In those days you had players out on the field with names like; Clemente, Stargel, Sanguillien, Hebner, Alley, Moose, Cash, Parker, Ellis and Oliver, (yeah, I know I'm old). But since the early 90s, I, quite frankly, don't follow the sport anymore except when something unusual happens (like the Pirates on a winning streak occurs).

I'm no Cubs "fan". If I were I'd follow them, but I don't. I just happen to have a soft spot for them so if my Pirates can't win it, then I'm for the Cubs if I happen to be paying attention that year. It's an "underdog" thing. Obviously you don't get it.

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Looks like we're out...
LOL...... Two losses in a row. I shouldn't have said anything.

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