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Default Re: Arlen Specter = proven idiot

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE View Post
Just think....The repubicans were in complete controll and they failed to do their job.... That is why record number of voters went out and completely changed the houses.
Reps don't "become" dems for any reason other than to affect primaries in their favor.

Actually changing parties is usually the effect of having thought about it and being compelled by the party's positions. Nobody with a functional brain would join the dems as they stand for nothing but abortion and control.

The "record" numbers that changed the landscape were those that are sold out to dem core "values" (A&C), the sea of frothing at the mouth leftists (the "media", "education", unions, gubmint "workers"), the brain dead CNN / MSNBC / MTV audience, the indolent, felons, illegal immigrants, and all manner of slime that ACORN dragged out from under slippery rocks. bho spent "his" $650M in foreign "contributions" well.

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE View Post
Dont expect to have 2010 change anything. People are tired of the Rep. party and their unwillingness to make CHANGE and hold onto ideas and beliefs that have no effect on America
2010 needs to be another 1994 or this Union hasn't a prayer.

BBFW, you seem to "embrace" "change". What does that word mean to you in the context of this election? So far all we've seen is a replay of previous dem administrations - diplomatic embarrassment, oceans of new spending, mind numbingly stupid appointments, witch hunts against the "opposition", and an aire of anti-Americanism. Aside from the apparent intent to turn this great Union into a marxist wasteland as the precursor to lapsing into a 3rd world islamic "state", what can you share of this "change" that might illuminate our paths?

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress & the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution,
but overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

Abraham Lincoln
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