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Default Re: Does Obama "Hate White People? Native Americans"?

What I'm getting at is you are concerned for the lives of military overseas doing things to protect this country...but can't see who it compares to the lives lost every day/year in this country. If I die in Iraq, it's noble/honorable. If I get murdered in my sleep here at home... ???

Again, you say we've blown $4 trillion. That leaves us with the assumption that NOTHING good has come out of our presence in Iraq. But, what is that $4 Trillion covering? Soldier pay. Contracts. Construction. Medical Care. Show me where that $4 Trillion has gone to (obviously not down to the penny). What you are doing is throwing out some arbitrary number.

Could we use it here in the States? Absolutely. But you're blaming the Federal Government for not intervening on your States behalf. What is your state doing to intervene? Where is the money your state is spending going to if not building schools, churches and businesses in this country?
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