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Default Re: 2009 Draft: Urbik sig

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Steelman, that is sweet. I think I may want to go with the Urbik Avatar and a Colon Sig.

Or can you do up somethin in a Hartwig, Urbik, Colon montage?? Its my hopeful "right side road graders" group of the O line.

BTW, did you see that one of Urbik lead blocking for PJ Hill on Google images?? Its a sweet photo, but there is no contrast in the red background to really make it stand out. The idea of a 250lb RB with a 320Lb lead blocker just warms my heart.
This one?

You and me both bro! Whoever said Urbik was just a fat lard, never tried to stand in front of him bearing down on ya.

Yeah, I could do that easily enough. I have plenty of Colon pics from that previous sig, so I'll only have to find Hartwig. ....yeah, I've got a sweet idea. You just wait.
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