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Default Re: Does Obama "Hate White People? Native Americans"?

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
What I'm getting at is you are concerned for the lives of military overseas doing things to protect this country...but can't see who it compares to the lives lost every day/year in this country. If I die in Iraq, it's noble/honorable. If I get murdered in my sleep here at home... ???

Again, you say we've blown $4 trillion. That leaves us with the assumption that NOTHING good has come out of our presence in Iraq. But, what is that $4 Trillion covering? Soldier pay. Contracts. Construction. Medical Care. Show me where that $4 Trillion has gone to (obviously not down to the penny). What you are doing is throwing out some arbitrary number.

Could we use it here in the States? Absolutely. But you're blaming the Federal Government for not intervening on your States behalf. What is your state doing to intervene? Where is the money your state is spending going to if not building schools, churches and businesses in this country?
It's about the many programs that have been downsized or flat out eliminated. The hole in your argument from the soldier's point of view is--they would receive compensation if we would have stayed in Afghanistan (or better yet actually focus on real terrorists). Regardless, my main complaint is the needless waste of money when it came to contracting, civilian personnel, etc, etc. Contracts that were handed out that cost hundreds of times more than what was realistically fiscal. Not to mention, the failed promises of "it's only gonna cost $60 billion!!" You can take away the cost of the actual military and still have an enormous debt load that has severely added to this country's financial crisis. We were lied to and we seemed to have just swallowed it without any question whatsoever. If we do question where our hard earned money is going, then we're labeled unpatriotic and un-American. That's bullshit. The government has forsaken the military also. Google this and you'll find countless soldiers that gave their bodies and many even their lives only to be written off when they arrived home. The Defense Dept. doesn't want to take responsibility for the soldiers that laid their lives on the line for us. IMO, if you can't afford to take care of them when they get home they you can't afford to go to war. If you, as a soldier, are at ease with the way your fellow soldiers have been neglected then so be it. But I find it disgusting and unacceptable.

As far as my "arbitrary" number... Have a gander:

Google it and you'll find many, many more.

EDIT: Do a little research and you'll find that the money we've spent in Iraq ISN'T included in our National Debt. Just another way to keep out attention elsewhere. the whole situation is just Effed up. If you're happy with the way thikngs turned out then that's your right. But some of us wanted more.
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