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Default Re: Group behind Ben getting alittle crowded..

Releasing Maddox makes no sense to me. With his new contract from last year, it will cost $350K more to cut him (pre 6/1) than it would to keep him. I think Batch has too much time in, so he couldn't be placed on the Practice Squad. If he were kept, it would have to be on the 53 man roster. Options as I see them:

1. Trade Maddox or Batch, and try to get something for them. (Doesn't happen in Pittsburgh for whatever reason.)
2. Release Batch after camp, & keep Ben, Tommy, & St. Pierre. St. Pierre could either be kept on the roster or PS. No cap savings since Batch's deal is 1-year.
3. Release St Pierre & keep the others all on the regular roster. No cap savings since Brian is in the last year of his contract as well.
4. Release both Batch & St Pierre. Keep the others & hope all goes well. No cap savings.

Options 2, 3, & 4 all cost pretty much the same. I guess it boils down to how much you think the #3 QB is going to play, & your preference between the two. I prefer Batch.
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