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Default Re: Comp. Techies.. give me some help here.

I think you all are right about memory. I decided to keep my task manager running to watch the CUP speed and the memory usage. I have a single gig of memory right now, and I am not coming CLOSE to using it all up .

However, I have a dual core 2. something laptop from Dell, and I am topping out at 60 percent computing speed just for simple searches in my software. When I try to use a second app while it is searching... I surge to 100 %.

Yep... I think I need to bump up the processer and front bus speed more than worry about ram.

Does that sound about right to you all?

If that is true, the I7 is a better math processor, though the quad core runs frame rates better from what I have researched. Does that mean I should give the I7 another look?
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