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Default Re: Comp. Techies.. give me some help here.

In a single GPU system, the quad core is on par with the i7. The other thing you might want to look into is some sort of RAID setup. It might help you search faster with a RAID 1 setup, I think it's 1, might be 0.

It looks like you have several things going on, Preach. You need some oomph for video editing, which would be CPU and GPU. Then you have a large program that is a bear to search. You can certainly get a velociraptor (10K RPM HDD) or 2 for a RAID set up, you can try a cheaper alternative of buying a 10k HDD for the OS and a 1TB HDD or above for your Data.

Most systems top out at 6gig of RAM being useful now, even the top of the line i7's. There are obvious exceptions for graphic intense programs, but it sounds like your Logos program is what's hogging your system. You might also want to consider that your HDD in the laptop is compromised, how old is it? My laptop HDD is going bad and it is slower than molasses even though I reformatted it.

I'd give everything a good look over again and again!
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