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Default Re: FOX News special report on Juarez cartel killings

i was just watching laura ingraham on oreily call el-paso a "war zone" and telling him he should do a show from down there (of course this is just pure - PANIC!!! she used to blame obama for not closing down the boarders).

what a clueless bitch. is she ann coulters twin or does she get her shit from listenning to rush?

she obviously never seen the place, let alone even heard of the town before the obama administration.

granted, juarez is a war zone, but it has been contained. for her to say "its already here". was gross neglegt in yet another desperate attempt to spread -PANIC!!!! and - BLAME!!!!

seriously, you should see the wall being put up, and the miles of floodlights, and the boarder patrolmen every quarter mile or so FOR MILES.

listenning to this crap though and one would believe obama is tearing this wall down.

where is the outrage against the evil right wing media? its hypocritical, i say!

and hardly any credit goes to bill for his minor attempt to pull her foot out of her mouth by quickly saying the wall is still being built and they sent geraldo down their.

her response was "yeah but obama..."

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