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Default Re: Obama Legal Team Wants Defendants' Rights Limited

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
Did it ever occur to you that because the cops can lie they can scare people into doing things they don't want to do? Ever cross your mind or do you just like to argue with me cause I don't drink the OSU Kool-Aid?
I am well aware that all people are capable of lying...and that some cops will do whatever it takes (no matter how far over the line it might be) to get what they want. There are good cops and bad cops...just like there are good lawyers and bad lawyers and good/bad Soldiers etc... You know, in every walk of life, religion, race, creed, nationality, there are good and bad people.

This argument has nothing to do with OSU/Steelers/Browns/Football. Maybe you can't separate your teams from outside arguments...if that's the case, then I feel for you.

I am making simple logical statements. While the cops can lie and threaten all day long, still, the choice is available. Once you say, I won't talk without a lawyer, it's on you to ensure that is the case.

You have yet to refute the fact that the "questioned individual" makes a choice to talk/not talk. Just like a criminal makes a choice to break the law, so does the detainee make a choice to talk/not talk. (Notice, I'm not saying everyone questioned by cops are guilty, I'm not so gullible/naive as to believe such.)

When you're ready to get past the teams that I support and continue this, by all means, let me know.
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