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Default Re: Obama Legal Team Wants Defendants' Rights Limited

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
It is fun. Video tape brings up a whole different challenge. You have to realize, I'm sure you do, you are much more proactive with respect to educating yourself than the average person.

I have 2 articles for you, one that clearly states you can criticize Obama as you wish on this site, I'm sure you are happy now!

The second, I got especially for you from an OH lawyer's website!! The USC, not Trojans, Constitution, does not say once you invoke your right to counsel the cops have to stop questioning you, but The Supreme Court through case law has said that is what they must do. It starts with Miranda, then goes through a litany of other cases.
From the first website, I gather you are referring to this specific verbage:

The government may not charge expressions
of opinion made during the course of a private conversation or adverse
criticism of a protected official or legislature if it was not personally
contemptuous and was done during the course of a political discussion
By the way, don't bother with the Penal Code, it's huge and different for every state. My point was simply that laws can be cumbersome and difficult to decipher. If we didn't make it so difficult, who would need lawyers? Sort of a self perpetuating ideology!![/QUOTE]

For the second website, I knew that the constitution didn't state...and the only reason why I asked is because you brought up my job in it's (USC) defense.

As for being happy that I "can" criticize Obama...I actually don't want to criticize him. I want him to be the best President in the History of the States. I just don't think he is that guy. He promised the world to a great many and diverse population...and won't be able to back a great majority of it up. Unfortunately, it feels like that is just par for the course.

BTW, nice finds on such short notice.

As for video, unfortunately, no system is remotely perfect. Most of them won't even be close. So long as there are crooked people (whether they be "criminals", cops, lawyers, Soldiers, etc...) there will be issues to be concerned with.

Unfortunately, such is life.
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