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Default Re: Obama Legal Team Wants Defendants' Rights Limited

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
I was actually speaking more about the right to counsel in general.

As for the first site I was thinking this:

"Although the directives are primarily consulted for the list of activities
that they prohibit, they also openly encourage servicemembers to participate
in a number of political activities. These activities include voting,
contributing money to partisan campaigns and causes, attending rallies,
meetings, and conventions as a spectator, joining a political club, and expressing
personal opinions on candidates and political issues." - speaking of the 2 DoD directives, 1325.6 and 1344.10.
Right to counsel is fine. I don't object that anybody should have a right to counsel. However, throwing out a statement because it wasn't made in front of a lawyer...that's a bit far IMO. A choice was made...that was my base argument.

For the second issue, I skimmed over that see if I could find something with a little more meat.

While saying you encourage an opinion on candidate/political issue...there was still a small concern that you could still be prosecuted for giving such an opinion...due to insubordination or conduct unbecoming. Not that I'd know about that verbage personally or anything.
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