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Originally Posted by Blitzburgh_Fever View Post
Just made a G and WR on there (boring work day). Seems pretty cool, you guys have any advice on how to not suck?
Min/Max your attributes. If you can get a chance to join a slowbuild team, do that.

For the G, work one skill at a time and get it to 48 points ASAP. Blocking, Strength, Agility are important.

Focus your training on two skills at once (I like to go with a Vision/Confidence combo to start).

Buy a piece of Advanced Equipment fast...and put your bonus tokens in it. Even if it's a crap piece initially, when you sell back that piece of equipment, you get all of your tokens back. It's the easiest way to store your bonus tokens.

For the WR, speed kills. There are some experimental builds (high strength and the like) but for the most part, a WR with less than 100 speed is useless. Catch, Jump need go no higher than the 30-48 range. Agility could probably be stopped at 60.

Once you've gotten most of your skills (Vision, Confidence, Catch, Agility Speed) to at least 48, you can train Strength/Block for a while...and also work on your carry (to at least 20, though ideally 30 waaaay down the road).

Above all, work your base stats first and foremost. All of the special abilities in your ability trees enhance your base stats....if your base stats suck, you will suck. Plain and simple.

For any offensive lineman, Pancake is generally considered worthless. You don't gain any more/less exp for pancaking someone...and those points can easily be used elsewhere.

Confidence/Vision should never be under estimated. It's not nearly as important early on, but you'll eventually have to train on them.
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