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Default Re: Way to keep us calm, Joe...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post

I'm merely pointing out what a dope the VP is. The WH had to issue a spin report just a couple hours after his gaffe.

I dig the attempts to apologize for him, though...

sorry man, but you cant polish this turd you dropped on the board.

gaffes??? apoligies??? REALLY???

the only "spin" i see is coming from you. and it is the expected "right wing spin" which led the whitehouse to lead a pre-emptive strike and beat the evil right media to the punch. you know as well as i, that the only shot in hell the right has in '10' and '12 is to continue playing the "panic" and "blame" card.

biden has a long history of gaffes, but what you are doing by using THIS as an example is pretty much admitting that bush/cheney are blithering idiots and dopes for advising their very own family members to not open suspicious items of mail after the anthrax scare in 01.

- PANIC!!! -"theyre gonna shut down the entire postal service!"

keep in mind im just going off your own basic logic and reasoning. its pretty fundamental-

if a = b, and b = c, then a must = c
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