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Default Re: Does Obama "Hate White People? Native Americans"?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i have several questions for you.

why do you think our founding fathers would be deeply saddened with the abolition of slavery? they founded this nation with the intention and understanding that owning slaves was a natural part of life.

why do you think that genocide on naitve americans is a good thing for this country?

why do you aliagn yourself with the party that ushered in the great depression and allowed poor african americans to be used as scientific gunnea pigs in syphyllus experiments?

why do you support letting aids run rampant as a way of exterminating homosexuals and drug users with no regard for the dangers posed to the rest of the nation (and world)?

WHY are you a conservative? what do you believe about those platforms that are good for this country?
Originally Posted by I_Bleed_Black_And_Gold View Post
Because there are much more pressing issues than AIDS to deal with in our country. With only a few exceptions (blood transfusions, etc.), AIDS is 100% avoidable in America. Cancer, on the other hand, is not.
Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

100% clueless.

anyways, i really dont give 2 shits about your thoughts on the issue. im much more interested in what our resident "3rd grade textbook" historian has to say.

thanks for playing though.


*actually embarrassed for you to actually try to give an excuse for willingly let AIDS run loose in an attempt to kill of americans*
Originally Posted by I_Bleed_Black_And_Gold View Post
You really are a piece of work. Because I disagree with you, I am clueless? Right, that makes perfect sense.

Seems quite a few people agree that AIDS is avoidable, you my friend are the one that is clueless.
Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
.................................................. ..

not cause you disagree with me, but the fact that reading comprehension failed you is what makes you 100% clueless. you werent even alive in the time i referenced.

and thanks for the link that goes 1 step further to show you dont know what the hell you are talking about.

yet you think ignoring it in the 80's was a good idea.

absolutely clueless.

good job! you sure told me.
You accuse people of picking and choosing when they quote you to twist your words, so I have quoted you in your entirety on this subject.

Please show me where in any of your posts (besides the most recent one that was a reply to my most recent one) that you referenced a time that I wasn't even alive for. Please show me where my reading comprehension has failed.

Excuse me, but I know exactly what I am talking about. As someone who has and will again volunteer in an AIDS clinic (to beef up my resume to get into Pharmacy school if you must know), and has taken many courses in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, and Infections Disease, I would say I have a little experience on the subject. I merely stated that there are more pressing health concerns than AIDS that are not easily preventable/avoidable like AIDS (as my link clearly stated).

You really don't need to be such a jackass all the time. It's like if someone disagrees with you they are your enemy. You have shown yourself to be unable to have a discussion without being a smartass and trying to make me say things I haven't said, or saying you said things which you haven't to try and make a point.
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