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Default Re: Way to keep us calm, Joe...

So, that's it? More "Bu-bu-bu Bush"?

Biden is the VP of this country. His responsibility is to FOLLOW HIS LEADER. All Obama's good work calming people was undone by that fool Crazy Joe publicly pushing the panic button.

You can't pooh-pooh this one, because it is a MAJOR gaffe. Even the CDC director had to address it, calling it a "Teachable moment".

Fact is, Biden is FEEDING THE FRENZY. The media is making this sound like it's Captain Trips from Steven King's "The Stand" while it's actually probably going to end up being even less of a real threat than SARS. We are in a recession and the message Biden wants to send is "stay home"? At best it's irresponsible, at worst it's ridiculously stupid.

But the left, once again, can only point back and say "But look what Bush did!" (and using the Anthrax argument doesn't wash...the whole country was in a REAL panic back then because nobody knew the depth and breadth of the terrorists capabilities...the flu is, well, it's still just the flu, just like it has been for 10,000 years) and not acknowledge that the second in command of this country is a fool, and maybe even a dangerously inept fool.
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