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Default Re: bho is what he is

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Proving me wrong? Scurrying? What silly delusions of grandeur you suffer from...

There is nothing here refuting my assertions. You haven't produced a single fact or argument against anything I said in my post. All you did was point out that I had ONE LINE which shut down your entire (pointless and wrong) line of reasoning that somehow the US support for Israel was oil based.

In essence, Jeremy Jr, you are trying to dissect an entire sound and logical argument by saying "No, I'm right and you're wrong".

You'll have to do better than that or I really WILL start ignoring you, which is a fate worse than death for an attention w hore.....
Oh please no, say it isn't so!!!!!!!!!

"- Conclusion

The primary motives behind U.S. support of Israel can be explained by Washington's foreign policy aims of securing a Middle East capable of producing a stable supply of oil at a low price that buoys the economies of oil dependent countries. Israel, a state that is dependent on the United States due to its strategic and cultural isolation in a region that is hostile to its existence, can be relied on by Washington to assist in maintaining the status quo by preventing any Middle Eastern country from accruing enough power to alter the regional balance in a way that would damage the interests of the United States and other oil dependent countries."

Honestly, you really should consider that ignore button, if only they had a shut mouth button for you, oh wait, you just pulled your arguments off the top of your head without any real research cause you don't care that much right? Right? Got it. Carry on loser.

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