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Default Re: bho is what he is

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
Oh please no, say it isn't so!!!!!!!!!

"- Conclusion

The primary motives behind U.S. support of Israel can be explained by Washington's foreign policy aims of securing a Middle East capable of producing a stable supply of oil at a low price that buoys the economies of oil dependent countries. Israel, a state that is dependent on the United States due to its strategic and cultural isolation in a region that is hostile to its existence, can be relied on by Washington to assist in maintaining the status quo by preventing any Middle Eastern country from accruing enough power to alter the regional balance in a way that would damage the interests of the United States and other oil dependent countries."

Honestly, you really should consider that ignore button, if only they had a shut mouth button for you, oh wait, you just pulled your arguments off the top of your head without any real research cause you don't care that much right? Right? Got it. Carry on loser.

Dude, you cited Erich Marquadt. He's one guy...and not an expert in anything. This is akin to posting a wiki article you contributed to and edited the Hell out of. The website he works for is totally obscure. You might as well have cited yourself.

Again, try harder,'re getting a C for effort, but a D- for content here...I can see your composure cracking. You're starting in with the personal attacks (which is how all you guys end up, and I've seen a lot of you over the years). You'll get more and more frustrated and more and more abrasive while your actual arguments get weaker and weaker until you just end up living in "ad hominem land".


I'll give you a homework assignment. Read up on Albert Einstein's role in establishing an Israeli state. Come back after studying that and tell me how big of a role oil played in HIS decision to actively work for Israel.

Erich Marquadt. Jeesh...

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