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Default Re: now is time to PANIC! uber capitalist Warren Buffett....

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
well i guess its all relative if one just lets a headline tell a story-

Buffett dispenses gloom at Berkshire fest

never assume.

berkshire hathaway is like a microcosm of the entire US economy. people like him are the economy. they ebb and flow together. and while he is realistic about near term growths, he has never waivered in his confidence in america or its core.
What are you talking about? I went off the links and articles you provided. Doesnt seem like he's so confident...I say again.

Maybe he should have got down off his horse and tried to help the country by accepting the job, if he's such a great economist, instead of trying to make a political statement.

Edit :

Charlie asked him to predict how long before a recovery starts to happen. The answer was anywhere from six months to five years or maybe longe and that's only if the bail out works.
Sounds like some assumptions here.... I can say this too, heck anyone could... again 'out on a limb' he is not.
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