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Default Re: now is time to PANIC! uber capitalist Warren Buffett....

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i get it! you just have to blindly side with the doom 'n gloomers (perhaps its the cool thing to do) and will believe them over the 2nd richest person in the world and act like he has no clue what he's talking about.

you expect him to be all "rah rah" and blow smoke up peoples ass when he is addressing all his shareholders? that is not what a CEO does and that is not what a good leader does. when peoples lives, investemts, and well being are on the line, they want the truth. not a load of bullshit.

this is why bush failed when he got on that aircraft carrier and yelled "rah, rah... the war is over and has been won".

its obvious you dont buy buffett as a credible source. tell you what...

the next time you wake up and put on the fruit of the looms, hop into your car insured by GEICO, drive through the wells fargo to make a withdrawl, and go get an ice cream at dairy queen... think to yourself "holy shit! buffett's company owns all of this. maybe he does know a thing or 2 about the economy."

Yeah whatever with that...

Call me crazy but I think if you are that great, and you have that skill set, why not use it to help the people of this country? Why say who you're gonna vote for at all? Most people in high positions don't make that public knowledge.... hmmm...unless....maybe their is another agenda....I gave my set of skills to this country and I didn't allways like who was in charge. Effectively putting no money were my mouth is...

You made it a point to say his .... sounds to me like thats all he's worried about....
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