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Default Re: now is time to PANIC! uber capitalist Warren Buffett....

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post

Yeah whatever with that...

Call me crazy but I think if you are that great, and you have that skill set, why not use it to help the people of this country? Why say who you're gonna vote for at all? Most people in high positions don't make that public knowledge.... hmmm...unless....maybe their is another agenda....I gave my set of skills to this country and I didn't allways like who was in charge. Effectively putting no money were my mouth is...

You made it a point to say his .... sounds to me like thats all he's worried about....
you wont like this and it may not sound pretty but in amercia he is considerd the "king" whereas the ones who put no money where their mouth is are just the "pawns". that is capitalism and part of what you fought for, and put your life on the line to protect (i aint gonna blow smoke up your ass- its the truth).

for you to poo-poo his assumption leads me to believe you have never played the stock market. that is the backbone of our economy, which leads me to believe you may not even fully understand why the WTC was the symbolic target of the terrorists strike.

buffet also gives his set of skills to this country. according to you ribs, asking him to take a much lower pay to "help" all the other people in this country would be "socialist" do you now support socialism? why make $100,000 per year when you can make billions? that is about as anti capitalistic and anti american as it gets. take a look at his philanthropic endeavors and you will see he does plenty for people on a much grander scale than taking a seat in washington.

PLUS why would he agree to be treasury secretary to a potential presidential candidate he most likely knew was either wrong or going to lose.

obama didnt ask him to be TS.

either way anything warren buffet is quoted as saying in this thread is a billion times more credible than anything you have offered up.

thanks for playing. my point has pretty much been proven.
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