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Default Re: now is time to PANIC! uber capitalist Warren Buffett....

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
let me take you back to square one. HE DOES PUT HIS MONEY WHERE HIS MOUTH IS! right into this nations ECONOMY.

you have brought absolutely nothing to this topic other than saying you are just as smart as warren buffet when it comes to the economy and financial investment....

congrats, and have a nice day.
there was no... argument I made a statement about his comments that you posted. Then as usual you began your little dance. I only commented on the parts that directly had anything what-so-ever to do with what I stated. (the rest was usual BS)

I've refrained from getting into Political stuff on this board recently because there's other message boards to go to for that, but I have seen the recent ones here, and man you are loosing it. You are so busy backpeddling and danceing around, yelling DOOM and GLOOM you don't even know which way is up...

The arguement could be made that this guy is a DOOMER.... run!!!!!
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