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Default Re: Enter Quietly.......

Originally Posted by trauben View Post
I have no idea who Dave Littlefield is or was, nor do I care, so that statement means zilch to me.

Fact is, I was a HUGE Pirates/baseball fan as a kid. If I wasn't playing the game (catcher), then I was watching it on TV. I watched every game I could when they were on. If they were away and it wasn't being aired, then I was listening to it on my 'transistor' radio.

I lved attending games with my dad and siblings. In those days you had players out on the field with names like; Clemente, Stargel, Sanguillien, Hebner, Alley, Moose, Cash, Parker, Ellis and Oliver, (yeah, I know I'm old). But since the early 90s, I, quite frankly, don't follow the sport anymore except when something unusual happens (like the Pirates on a winning streak occurs).

I'm no Cubs "fan". If I were I'd follow them, but I don't. I just happen to have a soft spot for them so if my Pirates can't win it, then I'm for the Cubs if I happen to be paying attention that year. It's an "underdog" thing. Obviously you don't get it.

LOL...... Two losses in a row. I shouldn't have said anything.
Dave Littlefield, the dumbest GM for the Pirates ever, the same dude who traded the Pirates best player, Aramis Ramirez to the division rival Cubs... And now works for the Cubs. Thats why I stated that.
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