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Default Re: bho is what he is

There was oil in the Middle East LONG before the US was so instrumental in helping form the modern Israel. We have had allies there before. We have had other allies along the way. We have other allies there now.

Or are you suggesting that we only started using petroleum in 1948? In fact, if you'd bother to read anything about it, there was extreme resistance to forming an alliance from the start with Israel because the relationship actually JEOPARDIZES our relationship with oil pumping Arab nations. So an arguments could be made that not only are you off, but you are dead wrong. But I won't go there because it's a complex relationship and oil did start to take on a role in it over time...

Bottom line, Jeremy, is you are offering a super simple explanation for an extremely complex relationship, which doesn't surprise me, but I think it's interesting that you won't be moved off your position.

I'm wondering, are you capable of learning about things you clearly have limited knowledge about, are you just banking on the (cough cough) "fact" that you already know everything?

And are you capable of typing a reply to me without some kind of cut or personal attack in it? It would seem not...
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