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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

Originally Posted by hardwork
Concerned? Only a moron wouldn't be concerned, moron.

4 years ago you morons had yourselves booked into hotels at the Super Bowl. Problem was, you forgot you had to play us in order to get there. Last year you were all walking around with your heads up your ass's because you won 15 games. Lol, big deal. You forgot we won 14 and never thought it meant a thing. Now, you morons have the next Super Bowl all locked up. I have never seen such ignorance in my whole life.

Concerned? You beat your ass I'm concerned. So is Belichick. So is Brady. So is Kraft. So is any thinking Patriot and any thinking fan. That's what got us 3 rings in 4 years. We stay concerned 12 months of the year. And we stay HUNGRY 12 months of the year.
You think the Steelers aren't hungry?I gaurantee you that the Steelers are hungrier than they ever have been.Last year was luck,nobody extpected Ben to do what he did.This year won't be luck,it will be talent.And when we're celebrating a trip to the SB,you won't show your face here because you won't be able to talk any shit Pats fan.

You and every other Pats fan I have met are exactly the same.All I hear is "last year was last year,it doesn't matter anymore".But then I hear "but you guys won 16 last year and lsot to us.Three rings bitches!".So fucking hypocritical.

If last year doesn't matter like you have said before,then shut the fuck up about it.You lsot both of your coodinators...that's going to hurt you guys.You don't think so,but it will.Soon it'll ebr evealed that the person that was credited with all of the Patriettes success,Bill Bellicheck,deserved none of the credit.

You'll probally win your division,only competition is the Jets.But don't be surprised if you guys don't even make the AFCC Game much less the Super Bowl.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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