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Default I learned a new form of animal cruelty

Im 35 years old and I thought I have seen or heard about all types of animal cruelty in the world. I learned about ANOTHER form today. Wow I thought i was finished learning new ones..I present to you "bear Baiting"

Bear baiting is perhaps one of the most cruel and barbaric acts of humans which I have seen. According to a fight I had seen on one of the news channel, this illegal act of making bear fight dogs is still going on in Pakistan. In that news report it was told that the bear’s nails are plucked out and their teeth boken by hammer, after which they are helpless and defenceless. They are tied to a pole in the centre of a ground by rope. Then two trained fighter dogs are set free on it. it is really very cruel. I prey to all to raise their voice against this cruelty prevailing in Pakistan.

and "dancing bears"

Even though it is illegal to capture bears in both India and Pakistan, more than 1,600 sloth bears are being forced to "dance" by madaris—the people who capture and keep the bears. Bear cubs—who are barely 1 year old—squeal in agony as red-hot needles are jabbed through their noses and thick ropes are forced through the throbbing wounds. When the ropes are tugged, the bears lift their legs and "dance." Most of their teeth are pulled out, and they are forced to perform for up to 12 hours a day. Bears are "trained" to dance through a regime of pain and starvation. Many cubs die before the training begins because of the stress of capture, the terrible transportation conditions, starvation, dehydration, and rough handling. Although bears used in these acts would live up to 30 years in the wild, they rarely live more than eight years in captivity.

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