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Default Re: Yet another bho campaign lie

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE View Post
I believe that we can and will develop a National Health Care that is far superrior to Canada's or another Nations' helth care......
I just dont know why we havent completed this task already. why are there American Citizens withouth healthcare?
And I believe that the Browns can win a Superbowl. I just don't know why we haven't completed this task already. Where are so many Browns teams without a Superbowl ring?

See how belief works. If I believe hard enough, maybe someone in the Browns organization will get us a ring. That'd be grand. Then we'd have 6 more to go to top the Steelers (at last count.)

Believe. Hope. Change.

Those are catch phrases to ensnare those who won't think for themselves. Catch phrases and nothing more.
If you take the "U" out of "STUD", you get STD. I'm just saying.
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