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The U is going to be a force again, they seem to have finally found a QB and the talent is flooding in.

Still won't touch the Hokies tho. That defense is going to be stout as always, only really losing Victor Macho Harris as a true playmaker. And they are going to have one of the best rushing attacks in the nation.

Tyrod Taylor

Darren Evans

and now the emergence of Ryan Williams (a top 5 RB recruit from last year) and another top 5 RB recruit this year in David Wilson). They are going to play some ugly games, But if they take down Alabama first game of the year, you can book Nat'l Championship tickets because they are going to roll through the ACC.

texas and okla will all beat each other up out in the midwest.

SEC always beats itself up, and VT will be preseason top 10 and even higher after smoking Bama in the GA dome.
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