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Default Re: bho is what he is

Saying "neener neener neener" does nothing here, so I'll ignore the childish petulant nonsense (not to mention the didantic nature of your posts) and get straight to the flaws in your argument:

You are a one trick pony. Israel and the US are strategic parntners in every sense, and OIL IS ONLY A SMALL PART OF THAT PARTNERSHIP, and certainly had nothing to do with the original formation of the alliance. I'll repeat, leading up to '48, the US was afraid that backing a Zionist State would alienate our relationships with the oil producing nations, which is the exact opposite of what you are asserting. In fact, that relationship DID strain our existing partnerships with Arab states. We took the path of MOST resistence and formed an alliance with Israel IN SPITE of oil, not because of it. You keep using sources about the Middle East in general and then try to shoehorn Israel into those arguments, and the two are not only seperate, they are, in many ways, complete opposites.

You are basically saying that Israel is only valuable to us because it is located close to oil, but that's simply not true. We have a complex and interdependent economic partnership with them. We have a huge Jewish population in the states. Israel is a secular democracy, and, as such, is a natural ally to the US REGARDLESS of it's geographic location.

Look up how much we export to Israel, especially agriculturally. Look up BIRD, TRIDE, USISTC. We have a lot of acedemic connections with Israel (See: BSF, BARD, IALC). Even individual states have close ties with Israel...Hell, my own mayor was over there trying to get Israeli companies to invest in Akron (and he succeeded).

It's quite humorous to watch you myopically argue simply because you feel the need to defend your original (incorrect) argument, then thump your chest and rejoice in a meaningless "victory", but the bottom line is you are wrong. The strategic alliance between the US and Israel began, is, and will continue to be MUCH more than just oil. It's cultural, political, scientific, academic and economic.

I'll give you a quote. When Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin asked LBJ why the US had and maintained such strong ties with Isael when there were only 3 million Jews and 80 millions Arabs in the region, LBJ simply answered "Because it is right".
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