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Default Re: bho is what he is

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
(Spelling smack again? Wow...just wow...)

Here, try this.

If we WEREN'T allies with Israel, our alliances with oil producing countries would be easier to maintain.

Will you agree with that?
I was hoping you brought that up. No I won't agree with that. As I mentioned previously the Middle East is a cesspool of historic hatred dating back to long before the US was in existence. Having a solid ally there is a good thing. The countries over tehre, save Israel are fickle in there allegiances.

Let me expand your scenario for a moment. Israel is gone, so we have Kuwait , a waning presence in Iraq, a sort of ally in Saudi Arabia and a growing ass itch in Iran and Syria. What happens if Saudi Arabia turns on us, or shuts us down for military operations? We launch everything from Kuwait? Kuwait doesn't have the ability to stand up for itself like Israel does. That scenario only gets worse over time.

I agree your supposition should make logical sense, but there is historically nothing logical about the Middle East other than war and fighting. I think a solid consistent ally over there is crucial to maintaining balance, especially at this point.

Fair enough?
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