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Default Re: What the Finns Can Teach the U.S.(?)

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post
Why is it that all these countries that have all these things have such a high rate of depression and suicide? I was talking to a Sweedish (lol... SWEEEED) woman here, and she described life there much like this, but also made it a point to say depression and suicide is rampant.
Oh, I don't know. Could it be socialism? Hmmmm.

A friend has a relative in Sweden that owns a Ford dealership. They do decent business. After all is said and done he nets less than $40K. That's his source of depression. Scandinavia in freekin gorgeous and so are the people and everybody's depressed. If there's absolutely no hope of "getting ahead" one gets depressed.

This map illustrates a lot of things. One thing that leaps forth is Mongolia. They seem to be a well adjusted bunch.

With the notable exceptions of S Korea and Japan, the top of the suicide list is occupied by socialist countries.

Hey, we should try that here.

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