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Default Re: Yet another bho campaign lie

Originally Posted by drewcary View Post

A court hearing was scheduled June 3 in Las Vegas, prosecutor Conrad Hafen said.
It doesn't matter that you're not the President. He's entitled to his privacy from the public viewing. If there was an issue with his Birth Certificate, then it would be handled in a closed court session. YOU are not entitled to know anything of his personal life. You are acting like an arrogant pompous jackass with this mentality of yours and it gives a lot of credence to what Liberals think of Conservatives. You come across as an uneducated fool. You aren't helping your own cause with the incessant posting/bashing that has no intellectual value whatsoever.

I see that you posted a link about an Acorn hearing. Here's the said that they were being paid to sign up new voters. Where does it state that these voters actually voted for Obama?

You have no leg to stand on. Good bye.
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