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Default Re: now is time to PANIC! uber capitalist Warren Buffett....

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
you dont understand? knowing this response was coming, i already addresed it in a prior post in this thread. a pre-emptive strike so to speak.


nasdaq is up about the same as well.

"but...but...but... obama..."

still, experts in the know (as opposed to messageboard panic artists) all admit there is no magic pill for a cure.

we are in unchartered waters. atleast now, we are a few nautical miles away trying to steer the economical titanic away from the iceberg as opposed to a just a few thousand yards.

No mention of Obama...and it makes no sense to say "Bu...bu...Obama" because it's not deflecting to actually address his screw-ups in real time as they occur. Defelecting is trying to divert attention AWAY from those screw-ups by calling into question past Presidents instead of actually addressing the current guy messing things up left and right. It's ineffective when it's done right, laughably transparent when it's done this clumsily and ineffectively.

As for Buffet, again, his job is to put the best spin on any policy that comes out, no matter who comes up with it, because the worm needs to turn, and consumer confidence is the baseline for this whole thing. Once people start spending and stop saving, things will turn around. Buffet is no idiot...he knows he needs to prop up whatever POS the government plops out, good or bad, because so many people heed his advice. He has a HEAVY vested interest in this, even moreso because he threw his weight behind this amateur Obama and he NEEDS this welfare plan to work. Fact is, we all do, regardless of how good or bad it actually is.
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