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Question Is our online privacy really under attack?

I was sent this link and told not to use Google, Yahoo, or AOL search engines again unless I didn't care about my privacy.

So I followed the link and here's what it says:

Ixquick Protects Your Privacy !

The only search engine that does not record your IP address.

Your privacy is under attack !Every time you use a regular search engine, your search data are recorded.

Your search terms, the time of your visit, the links you choose, your IP address and your User ID cookies all get stored in a database.

The identity profiles that can be constructed from this cloud of information represent modern day gold for marketers.

But government officials, hackers and even criminals also have an interest in getting their hands on your personal search data.

And sooner or later they will...

What could happen ?
Consider the following story:

In August 2006, the online world was jarred by the AOL privacy scandal:
AOL released three months' worth of aggregated search data from 650,000 of its users, publishing all the details in an online database. This database is still searchable. It is an absolute eye-opener to see the potential for privacy nightmares.

Shocked ? You are not alone.

When we search, we share our most private thoughts with our computers.
These private thoughts should be safe.
I searched, but nothing found.

So, is Big Brother really recording every move we make online to this degree?

You guys in the computer business, is this really something to consider?

I have nothing to hide, I don't go to questionable places on the net, but still I prefer my privacy nonetheless.

So far I've been using ixquick and it's a good search engine. You can even set your own search preferences.

I'm just curious what the rest of you think about this.

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