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Default Re: Is our online privacy really under attack?

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
Do Search Engines record your information? It's possible. It's also not very expedient. That's a lot of information to tally. I'm a Network Admin (though mostly still in training) at work...and trying to sift through the information for one day for the people just in our building is a lot of stuff to go through.
Agreed. I am also a systems admin and we use Websense to track the Internet activity of our employees (about 450 at the corporate campus I work at) as well, and it's a massive amount of info to go through as far as an employee's complete browsing history is concerned. Further, only an authorized HR person can request to see an employee's "history," (not even an employee's supervisor can request it directly) and we have to limit report queries to site types visited as opposed to sites actually visited just to make the information usable, otherwise the report for one employee can be literally hundreds to thousands of pages for just a 2-3 month timeframe.

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