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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

Hardwork.... if you guys stayed hungry for 12 months out of the year then why do you guys have one of the smallest fan bases in the NFL??? I would think that if you guys were so great then your fans would back you??? Is it because your QB is related to Greg Brady of the Brady Bunch. (I.E. Homo) My friend your luck has just run out. Belichick the guy that wears the womens head bands to his games who also takes the credit away from his coordinators for the success. Well, I bet he is crapping his pants right about now because his precious coaching staff went bye-byes and it is solely back on his shoulders to teach and mentor new coordinators to do their jobs. Take orders from that freak!!! Never. His players are going to disown him eventually and the whole franchise is going to turn into turmoil. Bob Kraft maccaroni and nut cheese is about as worthless as Belichick as well. And let me know when you guys are done copying our team with the signings, playcalling and defensive schemes.
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