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Default Re: Ovechkin death threat gets Pen's fan arrested

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
OMG - I remember a site called GoBengals and there was this guy named Black Jesus who made very direct threats against Cowher and his family. I think that site was disbanded if I'm not mistaken.

In today's day and age, every threatening statement made by someone (and a 17 year old, imho, is not a "kid") against another person must be investigated.
Agreed with remarks to 17. In my opinion, 17 is when in reality "kids" under the law should be acting with the maturity of someone who is legally an adult(Positive Maturity that is). I have attempted the last few years to make strides towards acting as such so when I turn 18, I know what is expected of me.

My school has gotten threatened Twice in the last 3 years with violence which has annoyed me. Fortunately nothing this year, but you said it HTG, we're in too serious of a society to make these threats.

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