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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

See what I mean. I totally agree with Clevestinks. I do love the info and chats on other threads. I can't believe people who say Hardwork and BKA can't post on our forum. But I just wanted to stir things up cause I think sometimes it like the Yankees. Oh we'll be okay just wait and see. I wasn't buying it. I wanted to see what other teams had in their arsenal in the Blast Furnace and to be honest it wasn't much. A couple of jabs but then they bow out. You had a great opportunity to go all out in a forum, and you didn't. Hey you got great info, and its nice to have another team rep on the board, but the Blast Furnace puts another one down in the books in my opinion. You gotta a tough job being the only one backing up your team, but you chose to come to this board, not us on yours. I honestly wanted to know what other teams ideas are and it sounds like they just hope we lose. Thanks for answering the intial post and swapping smack. For your sake I do hope actions are louder than words else watch that first step getting off the bandwagon.
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