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Default Re: What, no love for shuttle launches?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i hate to say this, but the shuttle program jumped the shark many years ago as far as entertainment value is concerned.

watching it launch or land is akin to watching the plumber's van drive down an icy road to go snake a neighbors toilet.

i mean, hell... the shuttle cant even land on the moon.

and look at it. its all white with a black underbelly. it just screams for giant #88 decals and sunoco fuel stickers slapped on that blank canvas.

what the shuttle program desperately needs is a trip to the moon. have a 9 minute britney spears concert while the astronauts undock, and then televise a giant mt. dew flag being planted on the surface.

be sure to have a live video feed of aerosmith playing "dont wanna close my eyes" as the 'nauts return back to earth.

but then again, we are talkin about govt money, so we know it wont be spent practically.
It's still something to behold in person, though. I watched a launch in person right outside of Cape Kennedy once back in the late '90s when I was visiting relatives and it was something - the sonic boom was really cool.
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