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Default Re: An Interview with the “Forums Terrorist” Tim Lumber

The response from BR7 is priceless!

1. You never manned up when facts were brought to your attention.
2. You avoided me like the plague.
3. You got banned (like every other site you joined) becasue you’re an idiot and everyone got tired of your ‘broken record’ comments. I just pulled the trigger that the members wanted done two days after you signed up.
4. My six year old writes better material than you.
5. Glad I left such an impression on you that you would mention me in your interview.
6. I actually lifted your 30 day ban for a second, but that was only to change it to a life time ban.
7. You’re about as famous a writer as I am a movie star. Nobody has ever heard of you (until you infest the message boards).
8. Nobody calls you ‘The Greatest Writing Show on Earth.’ That’s a phrase you gave yourself which is about as far from the truth as it can get.
9. ‘Needed time off’ as you say, but translated means nobody will let you write childish comments on their third rate newspaper sites.
10. You never embarrassed me, never will.
11. If yellow is a whimp color, what do you call those purple ass wipes your Baltimore fans wave?
12. If needed, I can definately pull out the deleted posts to give proof of your inadequacies.
13. Lastly, just remember, 6 is greater than 1. IX, X, XIII, XIV, XL, XLIII.
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