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Default Re: What, no love for shuttle launches?

Originally Posted by Indo View Post
I have never seen it launch...

But there IS something exceedingly cool about the idea of having your @ss strapped to a hunk of metal with ignited liquid oxygen less than 50 feet away from you pushing you fast enough to break the force of gravity

I would gladly give my left (or right) 'nad to be able to do it
i agree.

and as long as it was by a surgeon and not a tiger or chain link fence or something, i would definitely consider it.

the astronaut farmer is a pretty cool movie, and i can watch Apollo 13 over and over.

i saw the shuttle once strapped on a 747 at vandenberg afb. unfortunately i was there at the time it landed here at white sands.

we used to go to the beach all the time and watch riockets launch sattelites into space though. it is cool. many times when they would launch at night you wouldnt know if it was a rocket or mild earthquake.
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