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Default Re: $9 Trillion goes poof....

or it could be because the Federal Reserve is a 'private bank' allowed to run rampant and do whatever the f they want pretty much.

not to mention they haven't been audited in like 1,000,000 years to prove that what they are doing isn't fraudulent. any company (particularly banks) that isn't regulated/put in check in some way is going to end up crooked.

look at our current situation. these banks/companies know how to bend and play the rules while under constant scrutiny, regulations, reporting standards, etc.

now, take most of those rules/regulations now have the federal reserve. they may not be in it for "profit" but it most certainly is not handled properly.

(this last part is not aimed at any individual, but...)
regardless of which "side." if you are trying to blame one party or the other, you are a joke. they are two heads to the same snake for the most part.
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