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Default Re: "Pastor" Rick Warren prayed to Isa - the "Jesus" of the Quran at Obama's inaugura

Great questions.

What is happening, is a confusion between language and religious names of God.

Allah is ONLY the word, GOD in Arabic. However, because of the Hegemony of Islam in Arabic speaking countries, it is directly associated with the Islamic ideas about God. IT is much the same as what an American would think about "God" 3 hundred years ago. Whether it was Diest or Theist, it was still based on the Christian understanding of God.

It is the same with the name Jesus. It simply the WAY which Arabic translates the name into Arabic. THen, just like GOD, the religion itself attaches everything to it.

We as pastors are taught to be cross-cultural, to not import Americanism with Christianity, as it is ONLY Christianity that should transfer into a new culture (a goal, not ever truly achieved, yet a goal.

Furthermore, Muslims know what Christians believe about Jesus. They understand the doctrine of the Trinity better than many Christians do. They understand we believe Jesus is God better than some Christians. So when a Christian pastor says what he says, no, there is no confusion there. It is the same as translating the name Elisha into Al-Yasa...

So when a Christian talks about Allah or talks about Isa, he or she is talking about the CHristian God in the Arabic language.
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