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Default Re: The Senior Bowl

DeAngelo Williams: Great back, saw him play in person, but not for the B&G. We already have a NFL proven, less expensive (Williams signing bonus will be HUGE!) in Willie parker.

Martin Nance: Slipping off everyone's radar. Why? Can he regain his form if reunited with Big Ben? But why is he slipping? I saw that his 4.37 speed has been downgraded to 4.5, due to his 2004 injury I guess, but at 6-4 and 210, and with the past repoire these 2 guys!

Nick Mangold: I already projected him as a late 1st rounder, and was mocked for it, but watch his stock keep rising. Smart, savvy, productive, and tons of upside, very coachable and can probably add another 10 ponds without losing quickness and speed (he runs a sub 5 40 which is fast for an OL). Could be the next great Steelers C.

Gabe Watson: Man, what a boom or bust. In the right environment, with some good coaching and conditoning, I could see him playing any of our 3 DL positions, NT most naturally, but he's lazy, overweight and inconsistent. Could be great, but...

Tamba Hali: If only we played a 4-3. He's too big to play OLB, and I don't want to ask him to lose 20 lbs and play standing up (see Alonzo Jackson), nor do I want to see him gain 30 lbs and lose what makes him great now.

Cedric Humes: NFL RB? Don't know. He wasn't a featured back at VT, but he's big (6'1" 233) and he looked strong today. White will go fast, and this to me looks like the next best big back...could be a steal later.
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