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Default Re: Does Cowher need to win a SB to be validated?

Where in the hell did Sid Bream learn to run all of a sudden, couldn`t run for us? Our Superbowl ring is coming, I can feel it! After 6-10 season the year before, we all sat down in September to watch the first game of the year, just hoping to finish at least 9-7 and maybe pick up a wildcard. Then we just beat Waiders. So we were happy but a little concerned. Then Tommy goes down, and we lose to the ratbirds. It was looking so good. Then we all know what happen next. We weren`t due last year, we were just hoping to turn things around. This year we are DUE. I`m telling you guys, this is it. For Cowher, the Steelers, for all us here on this site , except bka & hw, for the whole Steelers Nation, we will go to Detroit and bring home "One For The Thumb"
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