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Default Real Men of Genius

anyone like these bud light radio ads? i think theyre hilarious and their longevity is proof in the pudding that they are really successful, plus the former lead singer of Survivor (rocky III's eye of the tiger) is the one who does the jingles.

anyone hear their newest one? its great-

Salute to you Mr. internet message board poster, big word user.

You use words that constantly school all those in cyberspace and beyond.

Your manipulation of ancient French and Greek based vernacular that has been scratched from the dialogue of 99% of the rest of the English speaking population, has left hundereds of others dumbfounded.

You have never lost a game of "Scrabble" and there"s not a crossword puzzle that you cannot solve.

So the next time you are logged on and crack open a Bud Light, heres to you Mr. internet message board poster, big word user.
what are your favorites?

i like the "mr. gasoline bbq starter", and "mr. bowling shoe giver outer" ones.
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