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Default Re: Fat Tax for Lean Times

The only thing that surprises me about this is that it wasn't the brainchild of someone here in Taxylvania.

Now granted, lardasses piss me off too, especially when I have to sit next to them on the bus or at a hockey/baseball game (they really ought to make them pay for 2 seats, one for their asses and one for their big friggin stomachs that would swallow me whole). But come on, is there really a need for yet another unnecessary tax? Isn't this one of the very things the "tea parties" were centered around?

Here's an idea - if you really want kids to be more active, how about stressing to mom and dad that NO, GET YOUR BUTT OUTSIDE AND PLAY is an acceptable answer whenever little Johnny or Sally cries that they want to play their Gameboys for hours on end. And that if they take them to McDonald's, that they DO have control over what they can eat. That would also apply to candy, chips, pop, etc.

Oh wait...that would be parents taking responsibility for their child's actions, and we all know that personal responsibility has gone the way of the dodo. Nevermind then - forget I said that.
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