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Originally Posted by trauben View Post
That's precisely what it is.....................again!

With this new arena being built "for" the Pens...........this better never happen again.

Could you imagine if we had a covered Heinz Field and they began booking concerts, etc, in January until waiting to find out if the resident home owners were delayed on their "vacation" plans? Just imagine what would happen! So there's no difference here. None at all!!!! They KNOW that there's a chance every late April, May and early June that the Igloo's Pens might still be in the hunt for the Cup! After all, that IS the reason we've been playing all season........."to win the Championship"! You'd think they would hold out and wait.

This better not happen at the new arena!
They can't do that or they risk losing out to other cities, and thus losing money. The same thing will happen when the new arena is built. They're already talking about the arena being booked for 200+ days per year including hockey, and when they get their arena league team, it will add more dates to the schedule. So get used to more scheduling conflicts in the future.

Originally Posted by rbryan View Post
WTH is up with Boston fans waving a yellow towel?? If I had a nickel for every pattycake fan that I've heard rag on the Steelers for the terrible towel I could retire.

I'm just glad Carolina took care of business, I don't think I could stomach 2 weeks of bloated, ignorant, jerkoffs from beantown who just became "die hard" hockey fans overnight.
Well, they are the original black and gold, after all. At least, that's what jackass Boston fans are always quick to remind everyone. Anyway, every team gives out rally towels during the playoffs, so it doesn't bother me.

Originally Posted by SCSTILLER View Post
It is starting already down here. I have a Pens bobblehead on my desk at work. People, who probably have no clue that hockey is played on frozen water, are coming up to me saying the "the 'Canes are gonna whoop your teams ass." I am all for talking smack if you know what you are talking about, but don't be an idiot. But, I guess that I am in the Carolina's so I guess I should be ready for it. Damn, it will be fun when we win!
Most fans in the South wouldn't know a hockey puck from a pisser puck. Just ignore them for now, then rub it in when their team is sent packing with their tails between their legs.

Yes, the above means I am officially picking the Pens to win this series. The Canes will give them everything they can handle though - while they are short on talent, they are long on grit and determination, and play as good a team game as anyone. Everyone on the team can skate and they can create havoc for opposing teams with their speed and forechecking. The Bruins found that out the hard way - they just could not keep up with the Canes' speed. Plus, Cam Ward has been lights-out for them basically since late February. But I feel that the Pens are the better team, the more talented team, certainly the deeper team in terms of scoring, and quite possibly the hungrier team. They will get to Ward a bit, and the Canes simply do not have enough secondary scoring to match - Staal, Cole and Whitney pretty much is their offense. If the Pens keep them in check, they should be fine.

There are some neat subplots in this series, though:

- Staal vs. Staal, obviously
- Craig Adams goes up against his former team that he won the Cup with back in 05-06
- Orpik vs. Cole. I'm sure Cole still has a burr up his ass from Orpik breaking his neck with a hit from behind 3 years ago.
- Cooke the Rat vs. Scott Walker. Cooke got him with a cheap shot earlier this season that Walker may want to get revenge for.
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