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Originally Posted by Killer View Post
With all of those 2 day breaks between games, if it goes the distance, we could be watching the Pens-Canes until June.

I guess that's a good thing, but right now I hate WAITING.
Man this schedule conflicts with mine. Three of the games are on nights I have functions beginning at 7pm.

One I can reschedule. Two I cannot since they're events at my daughter's school and I can't let her down. That means I record them and pray no one mentions the score while we're in attendance so I can go home and watch them semi-LIVE in thought only. "If" we don't go past game #4 ............ then I'll have at least one reprieve, but with the Canes? I think it's a six gamer.

Originally Posted by Killer
So no - I can't really get up any hate for the Canes, besides, Ron Francis is on their bench. How can you hate Ron Francis?
I have a home Francis jersey.

Hmmm , I have a dilemma.

Do I wear the jersey or not?

What say yinz?

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